Music Composition Seminar at Purdue University


Dr. Allen T. McCullough, Professor
Class Outline and Concept

I am currently in my second semester of MUS 49000, Music Composition Seminar.  Weekly creative projects have yielded various themes, melodies, and fully realized concert pieces.  Generally we spend several class periods analyzing composers and styles, and then attempt to compose in their style.


Click on the score below to enlarge the image or download the PDF for the full score.


Listen to composition projects below. 

ART SONG - "For A Lamb"

The challenge on this piece was to find a piece of poetry that moves you and then to write the song for voice and piano.  I chose the poem "For A Lamb" by Richard Eberhart for this project.  I was particularly drawn to the imagery and the jarring contrast of the juxtaposition of gentle and horrific.  The musical composition was inspired by the works of Aaron Copeland, Charles Ives, and Dr. Allen McCullough.  Click on the score for the complete PDF.

"For A Lamb" by Richard Eberhart

I saw on a slant hill a putrid lamb,

Propped with daises. The sleep looked deep,

The face nudged in the green pillow

But the guts were out for crows to eat.

Where's the lamb? whose tender plaint

Said all for the mute breezes.

Say he's in the wind somewhere,

Say, there's a lamb in the daises.

[Recording Pending]

MIDTERM - 20th Century Study

This piece encapsulates 20th century techniques inspired by the works of Debussy, Stravinsky, and Bartok.  Emphasis was placed on the opening, continuation, development, and ending of this piece.  Click on the score for the complete PDF.

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