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Sound Designer, Composer, Engineer

Jeff Sherwood (he/him) is a Korean-American theatre and digital media artist specializing in sound design, music composition, and audio engineering. He strives to bring original and innovative ideas in collaboration with creative teams in the art of storytelling. He graduated with an MFA in Theatre Sound Design from Purdue University where he studied under his mentor Richard K. Thomas. He is an Assistant Professor of Sound in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at Michigan Technological University, and continues to work in New York City and across the country. 

Personal Artistic Statement

Michigan Tech University

Michigan Tech University

July 13, 2022

Jeff joins the faculty as Assistant Professor of Sound in the Sound Division of the Visual and Performing Arts Department at Michigan Technological University.

USITT Robert E. Cohen Sound Achievement Award Winner

USITT Robert E. Cohen Sound Achievement Award Winner

May 8, 2020

Jeff is interviewed by Jenn Shuron for USITT's podcast series TECHnically Speaking, now streaming on Speaker, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. Visit the link to take a listen!

Excellence in Teaching Award

Excellence in Teaching Award

Mar 26, 2020

Jeff receives the Purdue University Department of Theatre Excellence in Teaching Award for Graduate Teaching Assistants for the Spring 2020 semester.

Demo Reel
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